With vast industry knowledge and Microsoft-certified resources, our team acquires the trust of our worldwide clients with our robust MS implementations to draw maximised ROI and eliminate associated threats. 

Migration and Upgrade
  • Migrating databases, applications and other in-use programs to an advanced and updated platform are prevalent in IT landscape. With new platforms and technologies emerging every other day, not being updated with the latest ones is a cautionary call for perishing. In such a volatile scenario, JRS turns out to be your trusted partner in taking your business processes, applications and products to a new platform.
  • Our team employs tested and proven strategies that assist our clients to refresh, migrate and upgrade their software applications while reducing risks and most importantly accelerating the adoption of new technologies and platforms. Upgrading and migrating your technologies will help you enhance your business processes while delivering required data quickly and providing stakeholders with required insights and business intelligence.
  • JRS assures effortless and fast Software Migration & Upgrades Services while minimizing business downtime and maximizing business benefits. We carefully manage every aspect of upgrade and migration services ranging from assessment to planning, to remediation, to end-user communication and scheduling, to go-live and support.
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is an agreement with a service provider for repair and maintenance of property used by your company. The service can be of any property owned by your company from the large manufacturing machines creating your products down to the computers and printers used in your offices. It can also include service to the building, the land, parking lots, etc. A company that cares about improving day to day operations should have an AMC in order to ensure quality of product and process.

  • Global Roll Out
  • Staff augmentation
  • Business Consultation
  • System Audit and Project Recovery

How do we work

Learning at jRS

JRS Premises

JRS provides certified IT courses to students from all over the world who wish to combine study with tourism. Students can opt for their chosen length and intensity of the course by selecting one of the two tracks - regular track and fast track. They can choose from two JRS campuses located at - Noida and Dubai.

Virtual Live Classes

JRS offers its students the convenience of getting trained from the comfort of their home or office through the distance learning program. This mode of learning allows IT aspirants to connect to trainers using the internet and save on cost & time associated with international travel. VLC is the best solution for busy professionals who find it difficult to dedicate time for classroom learning.

Destination Training

An innovative learning method by JRS for the quintessential professional who loves to explore the world and at the same time stay a step ahead in IT. JRS DT allows individuals to polish their IT skills, while they are exploring their dream destinations - Delhi, Noida, UK and Dubai.

Fly me a Trainer

Fly-me-a-Trainer is a one of its kind service by JRS Dynamics. JRS conducts on-premise training for professionals and enterprises situated anywhere in the world. As per client requirements, certified trainers are flown to client locations to organize tailored onsite corporate training services.